Flatlay for the Soul


If you’re like me, a 5 second check-in on Instagram can sometimes turn into an hour-long scroll sesh! With all of the bright and gorgeous photos you’ll find, often the most eye catching are known as the ‘flatlay’. You’ve seen them before – a solid coloured background (usually white) with a cleverly laid out selection of pretty goodies, shot from overhead.


Bloggers and Instagrammers often use the flatlay to display a number of items that they are referring to in their post – whether it be beauty product, fashion and accessories for an outfit, or their top 5 favourite items. Why do we love the look of the flatlay? Because it’s a feast for the eyes – filled with colour, texture and intriguing elements, all puzzle-pieced together into one, delicious photo!

finalflatlayFlatlay All Day. With today being Thoughtful Thursday, here at I Like Her Style Vancouver we are talking about creating a Flatlay for the Soul. Arranging a beautiful flatlay need not be something left to professional bloggers, but a creative and therapeutic outlet for any woman.

What you Need:
• Gather up elements that represent your life.
• Include: family photos, favourite jewelry pieces, your signature lipstick shade, choice perfume, items that represent your business, hobbies, style, your planner or journal, and any magazine cut outs that represent your favourite things.
• Your camera – or the camera on your phone.
• A pretty backdrop such as a mat, poster board or blanket.
• A bright spot to lay everything out.


Have fun with your layout! Try laying out your elements any way that you’d like – there is no correct way to do this, so the pressure is off! I often enjoy placing the larger objects first, then filling in the blanks with smaller pieces. You can align your goodies in rows or create a splashy look by angling pieces as if they just happened to fall that way. Perhaps the way you choose to do this is yet another aspect of your personality – precise or whimsical? But then again, you can just take a cue from your mood du jour!

Tips: I prefer to lay out my design on the floor so that I can comfortably shoot from above. I always choose a bright spot with lots of natural light coming through the window. Don’t be concerned with the edges, many beautiful flatlays are cropped in and chop off some of the overhang of the objects. Your editing apps are your friend! Brighten, crop and adjust as desired!

Flatlay My Way. For my particular flatlay, you’ll see that I chose pieces that represent my life at this very moment. The roundup of items shows a snapshot of what it means to be KYLA, as of today. I have shown photos of my girls from this summer from a Starbucks date, some accessories that I’m currently rocking for the Summer, my husband’s current business card, a touch of the I Like Her Style Vancouver brand, my current journal, a poodle ornament to represent my pets, a camera because photography is a current passion, and my glasses because they are a staple of my everyday look.


Slay Your Flatlay. The entire process of creating your flatlay should be fun. Sifting through the items that you choose to include is a time for gratitude. You’ll find yourself taking a moment out to enjoy even the most mundane items (like lipstick), and taking a trip down memory lane as you chose which photos you’d like to include. Taking time to lovingly arrange these items and displaying them for the pure purpose of enjoyment will leave you feeling great. And, the final result is a photo that you can save as a time capsule of your life at this very moment, to look back on fondly. Your flatlay can be printed and displayed, posted on your social media, and even saved as your computer or phone’s desktop image so that it can be enjoyed!

Flatlay Themes. If you’re like me and find that you enjoy creating these flatlays, here are a few more ideas for you to shoot. Try creating a flatlay based on someone that you love. Create a flatlay to sum up the year of your child’s life. Wouldn’t this be a great keepsake for each age from 1 and up? Or, your baby’s life throughout his or her first 12 months? Flatlay your vision board by adding photos and elements that purely reflect your goals. Cut out words and photos from magazines, or printouts from online. Add feel-good quotes! Create a flatlay in lieu of a scrapbook with souveniers from a particular vacation or event. Create a flatlay of just fashion – just your favourite products – just your favourite treats – just your collection!

What will you flatlay?

xo, Kyla